Data Capture Lab (Android)

Current Release

2019.1.1 (12/11/2019)

What’s New

  • Added warning message for enabling Location setting during BLE device scan

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with loading cached projects saved prior to v2019.1.0

Past Releases

2019.1.0 (11/12/2019)

What’s New

  • Updated APIs for loading labels from the server

2.3.1 (02/26/2019)

What’s New

  • Added support for upcoming server release

2.3.0 (09/05/2018)

What’s New

Major Features

  • Added new supported device - QuickAI

2.2.1 (05/07/2018)

What’s New

Major Features

  • Added ability record sensor data without video

  • Added ability to record video from front facing camera

  • Added feature that keeps screen awake while recording sensor data

  • Removed 3-minute limit on recording sensor data

Minor Features

  • Added the selected event to the data recording screen

  • Added option to record GPS sensor data from phone GPS

  • Added better memory handling messages when phone/tablet is low on space

  • General stability improvements


What’s New

Major Features

  • Added SensiML Data Capture Lab to the Google Play store


What’s New

Major Features

  • Added live sensor graph to collection screen

Minor Features

  • Added option to change video quality in the settings screen

  • Added calculated sample rate for better video synchronization

  • Added camera auto-focus while recording video

  • Added ‘Subject’ metadata to capture name when recording new captures

Bug Fixes

  • Removed magnetometer from available sensors


What’s New

Major Features

  • Created new Mobile Data Capture Lab application

  • Adds Nordic Thingy support

  • Adds ability to record captures without a network connection

  • Adds ability to view local captured files

  • Adds ability to view cloud capture upload status

  • Adds ability to select device sample rate

  • Adds ability to select device sensors

  • Captures are now saved to both the local hard drive and the cloud

  • Metadata is now saved to both the local hard drive and the cloud

  • Sample Rate is now saved to both the local hard drive and the cloud

  • Adds “one-time” login

  • Adds ability to delete captures

  • Adds support for Android tablets

Minor Features

  • Adds ability to refresh project list without logging out

  • Adds ability to record video in landscape mode

  • Optimized capture upload

  • Adds ability to reload metadata label configuration

  • Adds system for relaying server related error messages to the user

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where CSV and MP4 file names were not in sync

  • Fixed issue with duplicate labels appearing

  • Fixed issue with portrait videos being recorded in landscape orientation