Analytics Studio

Current Release

2020.2.0 (09/16/2020)

What’s New

  • Enhancements to the Project Summary view

    • Moved all summary tables into a single tab view and defaulted to displaying 10 rows per table.

    • Create and Modified Date columns are added to the Queries and Pipelines Summary tables.

    • Added a Knowledge Pack counts column to the Pipeline Summary table showing the number of Knowledge Packs for the pipeline.

    • Knowledge Pack summary table is enhanced to show Accuracy, Classifier, Model Size and Feature Counts.

    • Moved the “Refresh Summary” button to the bottom of the tab view.

    • Changed default sorting on the Query and Pipeline Summary tables to sort by the latest last modified date column and the Knowledge Pack summary table by the created date column.

  • Enhanced the Captures Files Table to show metadata data marked for lookup as drop-down filters.

  • Applied color gradient based on the ratio of value to support in the Confusion Matrix.

  • Title shows the Project Name on all screens except for the Home Screen.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue in the Download Model view where the default Target OS selection for Cortex M4 was not correct.

Past Releases

2020.1.5 (08/19/2020)

What’s New

  • Enhanced Project and Capture Statistics tables with advanced filtering capabilities and type aware filter options (Date, Text, and Numeric Filters).

  • Added Feature Cascade, Strip Mean, and Magnitude Transforms to the Model Building View.

  • Added ability to select a Knowledge Pack Architecture in the Model Building View. You can select between a Single or Hierarchical Multi-Model or both.

  • Added an enhanced experience for Model Testing.

    • Test Model menu displays a new section for model testing.

    • You can now sort and filter, capture files on all capture attributes and metadata fields.

    • Multiple capture files can be selected to simultaneously run signal recognition.

    • Added a menu for selecting/unselecting all capture files.

    • Enabled selection of any session and model on the project to run the capture files to run signal recognition and compute the accuracy.

    • Accuracy is displayed in the table after signal recognition.

    • Capture row is color highlighted to show if accuracy is above 80% (green) or below 80% (red) or grey (when no ground truth data is provided).

    • Added ability to compute a summary confusion report of selected capture files run’s.

  • Enhanced Model Test Results.

    • Classification Results are displayed when the results button is clicked.

    • The results section consists of a confusion matrix, a classification chart showing the ground truth and predictions for the segments, and a feature vector heat map showing the feature values for a given feature and segment.

    • Enabled synchronous hover on the classification chart and feature vector heatmap, when hovered over the heat map the predicted event for the segment is displayed in the classification chart.

  • Enhanced Confusion Matrix.

    • Diagonal cells in the Matrix with data are highlight green and non-diagonal data cells are highlighted red.

    • UNC column has been removed from the table and Sense Perc will only be displayed when Support is greater than 0.

    • Accuracy will only be displayed when there is ground truth data.

    • All decimal values in the matrix are rounded to 2 decimals.

2020.1.4 (06/22/2020)

What’s New

  • Added visualizations to the Model Explore Screen.

    Feature Vector Plots added under the Feature Visualization Tab.


    Feature Vector Distribution Plots added under the Feature Summary Tab.

  • Added a button to the project list view to allow users to refresh the project list

  • Enhanced the Confusion Matrix labels to highlight diagonal cells and total row/columns.

  • Enhanced the query creation flow to select all the sources by default when a new query is created.

  • Metadata selection list is now sorted alphabetically in the Data Exploration view.

2020.1.3 (05/20/2020)

What’s New

  • Added a ‘Get Started’ link to provide an overview of the tool to new users

  • Enhanced the Confusion Matrix to show row labels in as-is casing instead of all caps

  • Classification Chart now have all the labels for the query

  • Added a button to stop a classification run

2020.1.2 (05/04/2020)

What’s New

  • Added a ‘delete’ column to project list view with action buttons for project deletion

  • Breakup of the Status log error message by line breaks in the Model Building page

  • Enhancements to the Model Building view to enable persistence of the Build/Optimization settings for the pipeline

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Issue with project statistics table, where it was not resizing when the Nav bar is collapsed

  • Fixed issue with Explore Model -Test Model - Charting and optimized server calls to eliminate extraneous sever requests across the application