Running a Model in the Data Capture Lab

The Data Capture Lab has an option to connect to your Knowledge Pack during data collection and see the model results in real-time. You can then save the results to your project and use them for re-training your model. Note - This feature is only supported on devices that implement the Simple Streaming capture protocol

  1. Switch to Capture mode

  1. Connect to your device

  1. Open the Test Model panel and click Connect

  1. Select a Knowledge Pack

  1. Select a Session. This is where the Knowledge Pack results will be saved

  1. Connect to the Knowledge Pack

  1. You will now see your model results in real-time in the graph

  1. (Optional) You can click Start Recording and the Data Capture Lab will save the Knowledge Pack results to your project. This lets you quickly add additional training data to your project

  1. (Optional) In the Save Confirmation screen you can edit or delete the Knowledge Pack results before saving the results to your project