Welcome to the Free Trial of the SensiML Toolkit

The free version of the SensiML Toolkit gives you a way to learn the process for SensiML AutoML based sensor algorithm development and to evaluate many of the software’s features prior to purchasing a subscription.

If you already have a subscription, we recommend using the Getting Started Tutorial instead of this guide.

The SensiML Toolkit is a developer environment that you can use to build your own smart applications for IoT devices.

The goal of this guide to show you a high level overview of the end-to-end workflow. It follows a Hello World style project that comes with your free trial account. The free trial version of the software is in read-only mode in order to allow you to evaluate the SensiML Toolkit before paying for a subscription.

As a free trial user you will only have access to the data sets that come with a free trial account. When you upgrade your subscription you will be able to collect and build your own data sets.

Prerequisites: This guide assumes you have already completed the following steps: