Other Useful Features

The free version of the SensiML Toolkit comes with a few simple data sets that allow you to check out some of the features that make it so useful. Upgrading to a paid subscription enables the ability to create/modify your own data sets and unlocks several other features listed below

Capture Mode

Capture live sensor data in real time from SensiML supported devices


Import Files from External Sources

Have you already collected your own data sets? The Data Capture Lab can import external files into SensiML’s file format. See more about the file format in the Importing External Sensor Data tutorial


Media Player

The Data Capture Lab can play WAV, MP4, and MOV files with your sensor data to make identifying your events of interest easier. See more about playing videos at the link: Playing videos in the Data Capture Lab


Custom Data Sets

The Slide Demo is a simple example to get you started. When you create your own project, you can setup your own events/metadata through the Project Properties screen


Auto-Session Algorithms

Use the real device-side algorithms on your data set to preview the results before deploying to your hardware