Streaming Over Wi-Fi

The Data Capture Lab can connect to devices/gateways that implement the simple streaming Wi-Fi protocol. To connect to a device/gateway that is Wi-Fi enabled, verify that the sensor configuration has a Connection Method: Wi-Fi option. If it doesn’t, you may need to import a new device plugin, see Adding Custom Device Firmware.


Now that you have verified your device/gateway supports the protocol, we need to configure the Data Capture Lab to connect.

To connect do the following:

  1. Select Capture Method: Live Stream Capture and Connection Method: Wi-Fi.

  2. Click Find Devices

  1. Enter the address and port of your Device/Gateway.

  2. Click Add Device.

  1. Select your Device/Gateway and Click Connect

  1. Verify the data is being streamed live into the DCL.


Now that the data is streaming to the Data Capture Lab, you can begin recording capture files. Files that are recorded will be saved locally and synced up to the SensiML Cloud.