Flash Widget

The Flash Widget within Analytics Studio Notebook is a one-click method of flashing a Knowledge Pack to SensorTile or Nordic Thingy devices without having to switch to third-party flash utility software.


The Flash Widget requires Analytics Studio Notebook from SensiML Downloads. If you have not used Analytics Studio Notebook before you can find more information on the basics of using notebooks at Analytics Studio Notebook Basics

Install Device Drivers

You will first need to install the drivers for your device before you can use the Flash Widget. We’ve provided links for getting these drivers setup below:

  1. SensorTile

  2. Nordic Thingy

Load the Flash Widget

Enter the following command in Analytics Studio Notebook to load the Flash Widget

from sensiml import SensiML
from sensiml.widgets import *

dsk = SensiML()
FlashWidget(dsk, folder='<Your Folder>').create_widget()

# Replace <Your Folder> with the directory folder path of your Knowledge Pack
# Note that the folder path needs double backslashes. See example:
# C:\\Users\\YourName\\Documents\\notebooks\\knowledgepacks

Flashing a Knowledge Pack

  1. Select a Knowledge Pack and click Flash