Dataset Description

This dataset is intended to illustrate recognition of hand gesture motions as might be used for industrial worker wearable devices as an augmented communication and control application. The Gesture Demo has five trigger events as shown below:  This demo detects when a user performs a specific gesture with a wearable device as might be worn as a wrist mounted device for instance. To make this more accessible for the demo however, the data provided is based on holding the sensor in hand and making the gestures per figures below:Each data file in the dataset provides multiple event segments containing captured data for a particular gesture type.  This is important as no two events will be performed exactly the same by a given user and variance in performing the gesture will be greater still when different users are involved.  The example below illustrates the raw sensor data (captured at 104Hz using an LSM6DSM IMU sensor in the ST SensorTile) for the gesture “A”: