A field-programmable gate array (FPGA) is an integrated circuit designed to be configured by a customer or a designer after manufacturing – hence the term “field-programmable”. The FPGA configuration is generally specified using a hardware description language (HDL), similar to that used for an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC). Circuit diagrams were previously used to specify…

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SensiML Corporation

SensiML Corporation Logo

SensiML, a subsidiary of QuickLogic, offers cutting-edge software that enables ultra-low power IoT endpoints that implement AI to transform raw sensor data into meaningful insight at the device itself. The company’s flagship solution, the SensiML Analytics Toolkit, provides an end-to-end development platform spanning data collection, labeling, algorithm and firmware auto generation, and testing. The SensiML…

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SensiML Enterprise Edition

For large teams and those seeking our highest level of support, SensiML Enterprise Edition includes the full capabilities of Standard Edition with double the multi-user licenses (teams up to 20 users), a service level agreement for support, and direct access to the SensiML engineering team for training, support and early beta-level updates.

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SensiML Standard Edition

Our most popular tier of service is SensiML Standard Edition which comes complete with scalable multi-user access and productivity across larger, multi-disciplinary teams (test technicians capturing train/test samples; domain experts labeling datasets; software developers, engineers and data science specialists running AutoML pipelines and analyzing results; firmware engineers implementing resulting platform optimized code in their target hardware devices for integration,…

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SensiML Basic Edition

This value-priced tier of service is intended to enable small and mid-tier innovators with an extremely affordable alternative to ramping up costly signal processing and data science expertise while providing a rapid means to showcase and commercialize novel solutions for wearables, smarthome IoT products, and other similar projects.

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SensiML Analytics Toolkit Suite

SensiML is a purpose-built AutoML development tool for edge devices intended for schedule-driven IoT sensor product development projects where time, investment, and efficient code are mission critical. SensiML Analytics Toolkit has evolved over eight years originating as an Intel SW tool into an independent industry-leading multi-platform edge AI tool for building optimal models on resource…

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SensiML Starter Edition

Starter Edition comes with the same functionality as our Standard Edition license, save for support of multi-user team projects and access to C source/library file outputs.

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Data Capture Lab

Once collected within a SensiML Data Capture Lab project file, the DCL application provides version managed labeling of datasets by one or more users for a truly scalable and managed process of treating valuable sensor data intellectual property in a methodical workflow.

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Feature (machine learning)

In machine learning and pattern recognition, a feature is an individual measurable heuristic property of a phenomenon being observed. Choosing discriminating and independent features is key to any pattern recognition algorithm being successful in classification. Features are usually numeric, but structural features such as strings and graphs are used in syntactic pattern recognition. The set…

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SensiML’s Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

SensiML's COVID-19 Response

SensiML announces two COVID-19 initiatives:
1) SensiML Toolkit Starter Edition is now available for a limited time at $99 for a 90-day license.
2) SensiML to open-source a COVID-19 AI dataset for rapid virus screening from cough sounds. Learn how you can contribute to this project yourself.

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