SensiML Joins STMicro Partner Program to Deliver AI Solutions for IoT Edge Devices

ST Micro Partner Program Logo

We issued a press release today announcing that SensiML has joined the STMicroelectronics Partner Program, enabling the two companies to work together to deliver complete AI solutions for IoT endpoint applications. In particular, the program adds SensiML support for STM32 microcontrollers (based on the popular Arm® Cortex®-M processor) and ST SensorTile IoT Development Kits, allowing developers to quickly and easily add AI capabilities to their IoT products using STM32 devices.

This announcement is important not only for the many developers using the STMicro microcontrollers, but also for SensiML as we suddenly have not only an additional solution set to offer, but a large number of potential users ready and waiting who previously weren’t aware of what our tools can do. With the SensiML Analytics Toolkit’s end-to-end AI workflow, STM32 users now have a development tool supporting data collection, labeling, feature extraction, ML classification and embedded auto code generation. By automating these steps in software, the SensiML tools eliminate the need for large teams of data scientists and hardware engineers – reducing development time and cost and allowing IoT developers to quickly add new AI features to their endpoint applications and introduce them to the marketplace. The SensiML tools also support STMicro’s SensorTile IoT Development Kits, further enhancing the solution set for the customer.

Together the ST devices and tools along with the SensiML tools enable up to five times faster development of even the most complex AI-based pattern recognition algorithms for time-series sensors operating at the extreme edge of the network than could be done using more traditional methods. Since the SensiML tools have been through the STMicro certification process, potential users can feel good know that they have been vetted for quality and are likely to lead to a robust and reliable design.

If you’d like to read the full press release, please click here.